Branding & Campaign Development

Branding & Campaign Development

We at Cutting Edge Group design a brand persona that’s uniquely yours, based on what’s uniquely yours. Developing your brand is a continuous journey of interacting, learning, and growing relationships with your customers.

We examine closely to fully understand the complex dynamics of your business. We study the market, examine competitors, understand your business, products, and goals, as well as study target and existing customer personas. Working with you at predetermined checkpoints, we evolve ideas into solid visual representations to propose brand concepts while taking feedback from stakeholders. The result is a complete visual design system and a compelling brand identity.

Whereas, campaign development is a mathematical formula that can be modeled, properly planned, and supercharged with brilliant creative work.  We focus on the math first, build out comprehensive plans, underpin sound deployment strategies, measure with analytics, and craft disruption together.

Our services for Branding and Campaign Development include:

  • Brand position development
  • Logo, name, and tagline development
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Lead generation

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